Chinese Design Concepts


Belleisbelle is all about the Be: Be Fabulous. Be Bold.  Be Fresh.  Be Belle.  All Belleisbelle pieces are original designs and handmade.  With attention to detail and the distinctive combination of materials, every piece is unique and reflective of the Belleisbelle brand.  Inspired by books, music, and the city environment, each piece has a unique inspiration.  This way, when you wear Belleisbelle, you are wearing more than just a piece of jewelry, you are wearing a story and a work of art. Straightforward designs with splashes of WOW, incorporate Belleisbelle into day-to-day attire, day to night attire, and night to day attire.  In the office, on bike rides, first dates, last dates, restaurants, art openings, clubs, or brunches, wear your Belleisbelle and Be you.

Raised in New Orleans and based in Shanghai, Isabelle Meyers started re-creating vintage jewelry at the age of 12 as a hobby.  In 2013, she moved to Asia with a passion for the fast paced life of Shanghai and the abundance of international culture. With college under her belt and a new job in marketing, it had been years since she picked up a pair of pliers.  Amidst the entrepreneur culture of unique clothes, funky shoes and homemade foods, she saw a lack of jewelry.  At the same time, her job at the marketing firm was doing the styling for a BMW premiere.  Enter: Belleisbelle. She took the lead on styling and hand-made unique jewelry for the outfits.  She used her earnings to kick start Belleisbelle.

Fast Forward again.  One job quit, parts of the world traveled, relationships failed, sports tried, books read, music played, hobbies picked up and put down, Belleisbelle remains.  Each hand-made piece is inspired by books, music, places and life experiences.  Each piece is meant to make the wearer feel fabulous, confident and part of something bigger – the making of a brand.  When not designing in the studio, you can find the designer teaching yoga, on the tennis courts, jogging around Luwan, resting on Yongkang, or bike riding to a market.

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