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From Ningbo to Chengdu

By madamemao, Jan 26 2019 04:00AM

The Ningbo Record Factory, whose record covers featured in the last post, was founded in 1978 (to some historians this date, rather than 1976, marks the end of the Cultural Revolution as it was the year the Gang of Four was tried and convicted) and had one of the only four German Newman recording machines in China at that time. Chengdu Record Factory, together with of course Shanghai and Beijing, made up the other three lucky sites. These examples of covers from Chengdu show not only the range of music they made (the first and last image has electronic music by a foreign band identified as "Wude Liqi") but also the creativity in design of record covers. The discs themselves, often brightly coloured, are those floppy plastic kind that still play, provided you have a record player!

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