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So we figured that the quickest and most direct way of introducing our new stock to you is by blogging. So here we are.


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Lei Feng, old and new

By madamemao, Jan 20 2019 04:35PM

We have the envelopes from the 1980s/1990's but you need something compatible to put inside them, right? The slogans printed on the envelopes, Learn from Lei Feng, his selfless dedication and his good example drove us on to produce some notepaper ourselves to upcycle those envelopes into contemporary use. The spirit of Lei Feng will live on forever, as the fourth envelope slogan says and the trend towards slowing down our lives in diverse ways made notepaper a viable product. So we adjusted the image, printed it on fountain-friendly, made-in-china quality paper and there we have it. Thanks Lei Feng (pity it's not actually Lei Feng Day because then it would be even better!)

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