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Mao Zedog Handknits

By madamemao, Feb 10 2019 10:39AM

Meet Napoleon. He's not available at MMD, but he is modelling one of our range of handknitted dog wear, for the discerning pooch. Each piece is unique and all are knitted with the best quality pure new wool, most usually imported merino because it is lightweight, soft and incredibly warm. This makes it the most comfortable choice for your pet. We have incorporated other comfort-driven features, such as ribbed chests so the piece expands to snugly fit and short (or even no) legs so that your dog feels no tightness as he runs and plays. These features also make it easier to buy one as a gift. as they give a flexibility of fit if you're not exactly sure of the size. Most of the wools we use are also handdyed, giving each piece its own patterning of colour. As well as coats and layering body pieces we have accessories such as snoods and scarves. If we don't happen to have your size in stock we can knit one for you. As it may be hard to see the connection between dog clothes and the Mao Period we would draw your attention to the brand name, Mao Zedog, and to the title of our designs, for example 'Chew? Der ...' (Zhu De was Mao's military leader) and 'Chew 'n' Lie' (Zhou Enlai was Prime Minister throughout the Mao Period). See, there are lots of connections ....

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