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So we figured that the quickest and most direct way of introducing our new stock to you is by blogging. So here we are.


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Paper and Pens

By madamemao, Jan 22 2019 03:00AM

Talking about notepaper, it seems to be a bit of a preoccupation of ours these days. We have had fountain pens and inks in store for some time. We carry Shanghai brands (with the exception of Beijing's Jing Xing new-old-stock which we have to carry because of its fame during the Mao Period), especially new-old-stock from the 1970's, '80's and '90's and, as aresult we are regularly asked for writing paper. So we have made a range of writing paper sets built around the theme of the plants of Shanghai. All of those plants that help us define Shanghai as a city: the plane trees of the Former French Concession, the osmanthus (Gui) that scents the air, the bamboo that rustles everywhere. Paper comes from plants so it seemed the obvious choice. As does the use of fountain pen friendly paper that's fine quality and made in China. Hopefully, you won't find the result equally obvious.

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