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By madamemao, Feb 15 2019 06:00PM

The Jin Xing (Golden Star) Pen Company was founded in Shanghai by 3 Korean brothers and then a branch factory was opened in Beijing in the 1950s, initially using Shanghai-made components, then acquired Beijing component manufacturers, and gradually departed from their Shanghai designs. The Shanghai and Beijing firms continued to produce pens for some time with the Shanghai-built ones marked "KSPC" (Kin Sin Pen Co.) and the Beijing-built ones "GSPC" (Golden Star Pen Co.). Over time the Shanghai firm stopped manufacturing pens and moved into television sets in the 1970s, leaving Golden Star an exclusively Beijing brand.

The pens they made during the Mao Period were iconic and can be seen in many posters of the period being used by students and soldiers especially as they are studying Mao Thought. We have New Old Stock from the 1980s of both the Jingxing 26 (Little Jinxing) and 28 (Big Jinxing) as well as the Jinxing Deskpen, complete with stand and original box.

In 2003 the dormant Jinxing Company awakened and produced some very good models for a short period and, as far as we know the steel nibbed classic model 26 and 28 have not been produced at the latest since then, although their more expensive version with 12K or 14K nibs may have been. Certainly the deskpen has not been produced since the 1980's and the packaging of our model 26 & 28 suggest a 1980's production date. Drop by and take a look. Made of plastic but with strong 1950's design characteristics and generally highly regarded as a useable fountain pen, they make a great gift and are perfect for beginning or continuing your journey to slow communications.

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