Chinese Design Concepts

New Jersey native, Kimberly Wong, jewelry designer and market organizer has been based in Shanghai since 2011. She is well-known among Shanghai’s independent designers with many of them eager to sell at the Jiashan Market Designer’s Corner and the Sunday Market at Ambassy Court. The markets that she heads foster a creative and warm community atmosphere and her design collection is representative of her fun yet refined personal style.


Kimberly always had an artistic side with a particular fondness for sculpture. As a marketing student at New York University, she stayed true to her passion with a minor in studio art. After taking an introduction to jewelry class she became hooked saying making jewelry is like “mini sculpting.” She immediately began designing handmade jewelry in university and conceived Cukimber in June 2009 when she was living in Japan.


“Cukimber” is cute, combining Kim and a friend’s name, with a similar sound as “cucumber”, which indicates organic conception. Every design is created by Kimberly herself from start to finish and every piece has an organic, raw, and connected feeling. Cukimber brand is about statement pieces, including brass and nickel earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Beads have been collected all over the years from New York, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.


You can read more about Kim and Cukimber on TimeOut, City Weekend, and Smart Shanghai, or visit her website here!



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