Chinese Design Concepts

Emily Keller

EK| focuses on cultivating meaningful and functional ideas. Our passion lies in innovation, quality and sustainability. We strive to create timeless designs, which are simple in form and intricate in construction.


EK is a slow-fashion brand, designing smarter.


Emily Keller, a New Yorker trained in knitwear design at the prestigous FIT and in stitch development and knitwear construction at the Politecnico di Milano in Italy, officially launched her brand in Shanghai in 2014 with partner Manuel Garcia.  After working in New York for two years as a knitwear technical designer and colorist, Emily moved to Shanghai to pursue her career in knitwear and to develop the idea of designing her own collection. Emily explains the concept behind her brand:


"In order to have a proper introduction of our brand we wanted to create and develop a concept, which represented our brand core values. Our goal was to create something that is both attractive and meaningful. At the same time we wanted this concept to be easily understood by the consumers. In an age of fast fashion we wanted to be known as the line that “designs smarter instead of faster”.


As to their first collection of reversible fashion that not only provides a finely designed and beautifully executed garment using a high quality merino wool/cotton mix, but also gives you a second look and texture by turning it inside out or ouside in, Emily says:


"One specific characteristic of knitwear is that both sides of the fabric can be very different. With our goal of creating a sustainable and responsible brand in mind and thinking about taking full advantage of our resources we came across the idea of creating two garments in one by making both sides wearable. This meant we had to figure out a way to detail our clothes on the inside as well as the outside. Reversibility is a standard feature in our Fall 2014 collection, and will also be in our future knitwear collections to come. We believe this is beneficial for both our consumers and our natural resources."


Just beautiful!


Put on your VPN and see Emily's collection here on YouTube

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