Chinese Design Concepts


Originating in Beijing, Grifted pieces feature design works of local Chinese residents in the form of accessories, home decor pieces, and t-shirts. P.P, the founder and a designer for the company, uses the brand to express her sense of humour in coordination with sentiments of Chinese and, indeed, international culture. The playful designs are not only affordable, but also unique among the sea of tourist products available in large Chinese cities. Their candy wrapper and paperclip jewellery is a great example of a modern Chinese recycling craft creatively reinvented. Grifted spotted strings of these brightly coloured folds of paper hanging at the doors of Beijing hutongs to keep flies on the outside and reimagined them as jewellery. Recycling,upcycled!


Grifted has become a well-known brand for Beijing residents, and Madame Mao's are proud to bring their work to Shanghai.

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