Chinese Design Concepts

Lin Jing

Based in Beijing at her own design space, FEI SPACE, in the art compound 798, Lin Jing designs furniture, ceramics, accessories and more. Her ceramics became renowned through the China Design Now touring exhibition created by the V&A in London and showcasing the best of Chinese design in 2008. Her white ceramic works feature useable wares in clean and modern shapes and include teapots, cups, jugs and vases. Both collectable and beautiful, they are priced to be used so as to enhance your home and the experience of living.


Lin Jing graduated from the prestigous Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 1997, then specialised in sculpture at the Acadamie Royale des Beaux Artes in Brussels. Her training in sculpture has remained important in her works, whether they are made of ceramic, textiles, metal or stone. 'My design work focuses  mainly on materials and the geometrical and optical variation of lines and textures ... Most of my products have a sculptural substance. It's fundamental how they feel when you touch them or how their shape or colour or grain varies as you change your point of view or the position of the object whether on a table or in a room.' Working across a wide range of materials and objects her works remain identifiably her own and her insistence on producing designs that are accessible and functional make them ideal for Madame Mao's Dowry.


'There are conceptional and visual relations among different designs I make no matter if they are porcelain tableware or pieces of furniture or  large screens or cushions and bags ... forms must be as simple and natural as possible and the objects beautiful, creative, functional and user-friendly.'


Madame Mao's long collaborative relationship with Lin Jing and her design space FEI Space, brought a range of jointly produced bags to our store in 2005 and the first Top Shop Pop-Up to Shanghai in 2012. Keep your eyes on this space to see what will come next!


feispace Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 3.44.06 PM linjingportrait linjingteapots IMG_1038

Lin Jing's FEI Space at 798, Beijing

Lin Jing painting mirrors for Top Shop Pop-Up at Madame Mao's Dowry