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EkoKami is the work of Danielle Manor, namely producing bags made of paper materials and cork that reflect both her style, and values in regards to the environment. The name EkoKami comes from two Japanese words, the first, 'Eko', meaning ecological, and the second 'Kami', meaning paper. Her Asian-inspired designs are practical, fashionable, as well as environmentally friendly!


To see more visit the EkoKami website!

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M Diary 2015



Batabasta is a collaboration between Clara A. Montsalvatge and Letitia Cano Baba, two designers putting their talents towards shirt making. They started their business in Shanghai in 2012, and have since opened stores in Barcelona and Madrid, and their designs can be found in Paris, New York, and more! Their pieces are extremely innovative and fresh, in an attempt to represent the lifestyle of their makers. Using a range of materials, from cotton to cashmere, Batabasta includes something for everyone - whether it be a man's beachy T-shirt or a woman's striped button-down.


Be sure to check out their wide collection on their website here!

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Madame Mao's Dowry Hong Bao


New for 2015 and to celebrate our 15th Anniversary we have produced a range of hong bao that will allow you to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year in style.

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Coming Soon