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SHOKAY (yak down in Tibetan) is a familiar brand in Shanghai and has built its reputation as one of the first socially responsible textiles producers in the city by developing premium clothes and accessories made from yak down. In line with their endeavour to spread the word on yak yarn by introducing it to other brands and designers, Shokay partnered with Madame Mao's Dowry almost 10 years ago to produce a collection of revolutionary slippers.  Things have moved on from there and we are lucky enough to have them back in store with a full range of their own designed products.


The yak down Shokay uses is sourced directly by them from Tibetan herders in the mountainous region of Qinghai. The fibres are hand combed from the yaks and the process of turning this down into spun yarn is all directed by Shokay. As their website says:


Our vision is ambitious: to revolutionize the yak yarn industry by thoughtfully engaging in each step of the manufacturing process. We care how the fibers are combed from the yak, how the fibers are sorted and cleaned, how they are spun into yarn, and how they are woven or knitted into finished products.


By caring about their sourcing and production and by beginning their process with the animals that still serve as a life source for the herders, Shokay not only ensure the production of the highest quality and traceable yarn, they also contribute to the future of the herders' comunities. The social impact of their production is part of Shokay's own aims and carries through to the employment Shokay provide to the hand knitters who manufacture the beautiful socks, gloves, scarves, sweaters, wraps, baby accessories and more.


We believe that by investing and reinvesting our success into local communities, we ensure the opportunity of choice for future Tibetan generations.


Since 2013 Shokay have run an artist-in-residence programme bringing photographic artworks that compliment their story to their collection of fine printed shawls.

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